Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

Here at Treehouse, you define your family. This can be your caregivers, people related to you by blood or law, or the people who you genuinely love, trust, care about and spend time with. These people are an important part of your health and wellbeing. We offer support, referrals, resources, and a creative approach to help you grow. We help families work through life challenges, resolve conflict, better understand each other, and strengthen connection.

Couples Counselling & Intimate Relationships Therapy

We are hardwired for connection and attachment. Our relationships play an important role in our lives. Whatever your relationship or status, therapy can help deepen connection, resolve conflict and grow your relationship.

Relationship Therapy

Group Therapy

Relationships are complicated.  

You and your people matter.  Whatever your relationship, situationship (intimate or plutonic), status or constellation – all are welcome at Treehouse.  Your community is an important part of your health and wellbeing.  Therapy can help deepen connection, resolve conflict, align goals and better help you understand each other.