Life's Handprints - Legacy project for end of life

Life's Handprints

Individual Art Therapy for people who are terminally ill and/or near the end of life.

Provided by Farrell Elliott RTC DKATI Through Treehouse Therapy Inc.

Step into a unique journey designed just for you – a two-hour individual art therapy session crafted specifically for those navigating terminal illnesses, battling cancer, or nearing life’s end.

In this intimate session, you’ll:

  • Create a handcast, capturing the essence of your story.
  • Engage in heartfelt reflections and healing conversations tailored to your experiences.
  • Receive unwavering support, whether in our clinic or hospital setting.

This single, transformative session is your opportunity to leave a tangible legacy for your loved ones.  Shortly after, you’ll receive a miniature book and casted hand based on our session together.

Price: $330 + tax

Leave your loved ones with a casting of your hand to hold while they read about your live.

To inquire please email