Welcome to Group Therapy.

Group therapy is a great way to grow, learn new skills, and find an amazing group of people to support your healing journey. When life gets hard, we often feel alone. Groups are a shared experience where we learn from others, discover common humanity, receive and offer support, and learn alongside others. Groups hold a very special place in our hearts. Super charge your growth and healing by signing up for a group.

Art Therapy for Shy Kids

Join Our Art Therapy Group for Shy Children (Ages 6-9)! 🌟
Is your child feeling shy or struggling to connect with peers? Are they anxious in new groups, or in class? We have a group to help! Our Art Therapy Group, designed for kids aged 6-9, is all about building connections through creativity and giving them tools to work through social anxiety. 🎨
🖍️ What to Expect:
✨ Creative Exploration
✨ Social Skill Building
✨ Emotional Growth
✨ Fun and Friendship
🌈 Why Choose Art Therapy?
Art therapy provides a safe space for children to express themselves and develop essential social skills. Through art, they can build self-esteem, communicate effectively, and make new friends. Plus, it’s loads of FUN!
Facilitated by Farrell Elliott, DKATI, RTC
Cost: $280 for 8 weeks of group art therapy (That is only $35 per session)
Date and Time:10:00AM – 11:30AM on Saturdays – March 23-May 11, 2024
Book Online or contact Farrell at
Let’s embark on a beautiful journey of self-discovery,social resiliancy, and friendship together. 🌟

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