Child Therapy

We offer child-centered therapy to support growth and overcome difficulties for children four years old and up.

Play Therapy

Play therapy can help children to address their emotional needs. Play in a therapeutic setting encourages your child to act out feelings and concerns and help resolve them. Play therapy can be used with any age to support mental health. 

Parent-Child Therapy

Parent-child therapy works on strengthening attachment. Together, you and your child learn to co-regulate, express yourselves more effectively, and grow your connection.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching can help you to gain insight into your approaches and reactions to your child.  Learn to shift your lens and gain skills to manage your child’s emotions and behaviours.

Art Therapy

Your child will explore, express and process thoughts and feelings through art. Art therapy uniquely combines the creative process and counselling to facilitate self-exploration, expression, growth and regulation. No art experience or skill is necessary.